Travelers to Nassau will find a small stone fortress an easy walk from the harbor welcoming the world’s cruise ships. Once the castle keep of the dread pirate John Graysmith 300 years ago, the stone walls are now home to Graycliff, a boutique resort welcoming well-heeled pleasure seekers.

The elite accommodations play host to the Graycliff Company, where skilled handlers roll a variety of fine tobaccos into a civilized gentlemen’s dream companion for quiet contemplation. Set up by Avelino Lara, creator of the original Cuban Cohiba, Graycliff forges cigars for sale on site or via mail order.


The $1,000 top of the Graycliff tobacco tree comes to your door in a collectible box of padded crocodile skin. Inside that croc box rest 25, 7-inch Presidente sticks of the shop’s Espresso Tobacco Blend, a mix of leaves from Costa Rica, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Honduras and the Philippines. Smooth and robust, these Espresso Presidentes are not for cigar beginners, but veterans will lavish the mellow finish.