Founder of Fourtillfour Coffee, Nico Samaras, Tells Us About His Vintage Porsche Collection

Nico Samaras Tells Us About His Vintage Porsche Collection


Nico Samaras, owner and founder of Fourtillfour, goes full-throttle in every endeavor. His once-per-month car and coffee meetups, hosted at the cafe, have blossomed into weekend affairs that attract top collectors. “Big names come to our events every Saturday—celebrities and athletes [Jerry Seinfeld being one of them]” he says. “Worlds are smaller when it comes to collecting.” Opened in 2015, the shop now roasts its own direct trade beans, and Samaras recently had the opportunity to complete Peking to Paris—a more than 9,600-mile endurance race spread out over 36 days—in a Porsche 912. Here, we talk to Samaras about his revolving collection of luxury cars. 7105 E. First Ave., Scottsdale, 602.888.3583,

What started your passion for Porsches?

It’s what we represent and also what I represent. And everything I love and what I form my life around is this idea of the minimal approach where form and function come together beautifully. You have that in the design of some of these old Porsches. They’re 60, 70 years old, and they look modern; they’re fast; they handle well; and they’re simple.


Which rides do you have your eye on right now?

A pre-A, that’s a type of 356 Porsche that’s pre-1955. I also love old vintage four-cylinder rally cars. I’ve always been drawn to anything that has cool looks, but that I can also thrash in the desert.

What do you enjoy about collecting?

It starts as a passion, an interest of one thing. The more you know about that one thing, you have this new appreciation for that one thing. Once you know about it, you know what to look for, and things just start coming to you.

What does it mean to you personally?

This is not just about the money. I’ve stayed true to buying what I really enjoy. Even when I had six 356s at the same time, I loved the car so much. The highlights have always been driving the cars, enjoying them.